Sprachwoche der 3.Klassen

Sprachwoche der 3.Klassen von 20.05. bis 24.05. in Altenmarkt mit english-and-more

An exciting school week

Our language and sports week has improved our English a lot. This nice week started on Monday, the 20th May. After a 3-hours drive we arrived at our beautiful hotel in Altenmarkt. We were happy. Then we went to our small hotel rooms. We had our first lesson with Ruth, a nice and funny teacher. And so was Yves in the second lesson. After the lessons we had dinner. It was very tasty. And the staff was very friendly.  Every day we had lessons and in the afternoons we did cool things like the Eisriesenwelt, games and quizzes and a lot of sports. We think the disco on Thursday was the best. The week was really great.

Elisa & Luisa


We stayed at the Ennshof in Altenmarkt. The people were really friendly and the meals were really tasty. The Eisriesenwelt definitely was a highlight. We all could improve our English. We also did a lot of sports. Our native speakers were really cool, nice and friendly. We had a lot of fun with them. The disco with the native speakers was really cool. We had so much fun there. The week was very exciting for all of us.

Vanessa, Denise, Valentin


We stayed at the Ennshof, a beautiful hostel in Altenmarkt. The staff was very friendly. The bedrooms were clean and the food was good. Every morning we had English with native speakers. The native speakers were very nice and the lessons were great fun. In the afternoon we had various programmes. On Wednesday we were in the ice cave in Werfen. The best things were the sports. We also did a treasure hunt. On Thursday evening we had a farewell disco party. We had a lot of fun and danced a lot. We can strongly recommend this week.

Anna-Maria & Julia

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